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I have a 2004 ES330 like a hestitation problem. It is fine from a full end but following I go going on for turns on onto highway ramps, later than I distress the accellarator (sp?) it hesitates for 2 seconds past reving up. I ve taken it to a mechanic and he says it is normal. I have an 2003 Avalon bearing in mind the thesame engine and it jumps off the start and has no hesitation. Mechanic s Assistant: Will the headlights outlook on? Is the battery fully charged? With or without headlights on. Relatively additional battery. Mechanic s Assistant: What is the model of your 04 Lexus? ES330 Mechanic s Assistant: Are you fixing your vehicle yourself? What have you tried for that reason far? I ve cleaned the MAF sensor. Checked for friends in the intake. subsequently I put my Turbo OBDII app on, anything seems good except that the TPS stays constant approximately 30%. This is a drive-by-wire model fittingly it has not throttle cable or usual TPS. I acknowledge the TPS is integrated next the throttle controller/motor. Mechanic s Assistant: all else you desire the mechanic to know back I be next to you? No, I guess that is it.

Thanks for your response. I just checked what you mentioned, that I hadn't already checked, except fuel pressure.Let me tell you a tiny more just about the difficulty history. It currently has a master tech approved idle let breathe govern valve and tps installed. without upsetting anything, the last (used) ecu and my original, would run in the car without this symptom.

following I start the car, the engine surges in the works amid 1200 and 2000 rpm encourage and forth. I distorted the IAC and the TPS taking into consideration no bend in symptoms. I have noticed that several Lexus SC's have this same issue. Prior to this I would have to become accustomed the idle enthusiasm screw to degrade the rpm and it would hold for a while. Now, the engine is all the time surging to the reduction where I cannot drive it for fear of broken to the steer train. Any experienced solution?

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